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Jakub Brzostowski, Tomasz Wachowicz


In this work we propose a new mechanism for building the personality profile of a negotiator based on his behavior in past negotiations. The approach is based on the classification of speech acts contained in messages exchanged by negotiators. By assigning to each speech act its type according to our new negotiation context-dependent taxonomy, the mechanism can check the type of speech act received as the response to a particular request. The feature degree can be computed by aggregating the frequency and the strength of different types of responses in different interactions into a compound value. In this work we consider two features: cooperativeness and assertiveness, and show a method for obtaining the degrees of these features.


Negotiator's personality profile, communication behavior, speech act taxonomy

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Jakub Brzostowski, Tomasz Wachowicz, (2010), BUILDING PERSONALITY PROFILE OF NEGOTIATOR FOR ELECTRONIC NEGOTIATIONS, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (5), pp. 31-46

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