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IZAR - the concept of universal multicriteria decision support system

Jana Kalcevova, Petr Fiala


Many real decision making problems are evaluated by multiple criteria. To apply appropriate multicriteria methods it is necessary to have software support. The paper presents the universal multicriteria decision support system IZAR. The main component of the system IZAR is an expert system helping the user with choosing the most suitable method for available information about the problem. IZAR not only suggests the most suitable method but it also applies it immediately to the problem being solved. By means of properly formulated questions the expert system selects the right procedure for solving the problem, taking into account its peculiarities regarding entries and additional information which can be assigned to the system by the user. An appropriate classification of multicriteria models and methods is needed because of universality of the system. The system solves discrete and continuous problems. Basic models for multiattribute evaluation and multi-objective optimization problems are included. Methods for multiattribute evaluation problems are classified by means of types of preference information and by calculation principles. Preference information is given as aspiration levels, ordinal information, and cardinal information. Basic calculation principles are utility maximization, minimization of a distance from the ideal alternative, and evaluation by preference relation. Methods for multiobjective optimization problems are classified by means of types of user information, as a priori information, a posteriori information, and progressive information. The system is available on web pages for all interested users and it can be also distributed on CD for users without Internet connection.


Multiple criteria, Multiattribute evaluation, Multiobjective optimization, Models, Methods, Decision support system

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Jana Kalcevova, Petr Fiala, (2008), IZAR - the concept of universal multicriteria decision support system, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (3), pp. 65-78

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