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Jerzy Michnik, Anna Adamus-Matuszyńska


The literature on the activities of public relations (PR) is getting richer. Also, numerous empirical studies on the PR process, methods and techniques are conducted, as well as analyses on the effectiveness of PR and ethics in this field. There is a relatively small number of studies that examine decision-making processes by PR practitioners. Despite numerous discussions on the issue of decision-making, methods of decision making in public relations are not a subject of research and debate. Most decisions in this area are probably made unsystematically and in a very individual way. However, the introduction of effective methods, proven in other areas, which support decision making practice related to communication processes, can help to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organization in the field of building relationships with the stakeholders. The authors show how the use of cognitive maps and the WINGS method can help PR consultants to choose a PR strategy in situations which can seriously jeopardize the organization's reputation.


cognitive maps, communication models, multiple criteria decision aiding, public relations, structural methods, WINGS.

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Jerzy Michnik, Anna Adamus-Matuszyńska, (2016), STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF PROBLEMS IN PUBLIC RELATIONS, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (10), pp. 105-123

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