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Planning and control: an approach based on rough sets

Kazimierz Zaraś, Hamdjatou Kane, Maciej Nowak


This paper deals with the problem of production process control in a job shop where the work flow is controlled by Kaban cards. Production may proceed differently according to a lot size, number of Kanban cards used, and the decision rule for choosing the waiting job to process. The problem that arises consists in deciding which rule should be used, how many Kanbans should be allocated for each operation, and what lot size should be applied. Thus, the choice of the best triplet constitutes a multicriteria problem. We propose to solve the multicriteria problem by using Rough Set Approach. Based on the choice of the operator and using the dominance-based rough set approach we will be able to induce the decision rules, which can be applied to choose the best triplet from a large number of alternatives.


job shop, kanban, multicirteria analysis, rough sets, stochastic dominance

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Kazimierz Zaraś, Hamdjatou Kane, Maciej Nowak, (2007), Planning and control: an approach based on rough sets, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (2), pp. 57-72

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