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Wiem Daoud Ben Amor, Hela Moalla Frikha


The problem of choosing the best type of water for the irrigation of the olive trees is one of the decisions that have a crucial impact on the hydraulic resource management. To solve this problem, we propose a multi-expert approach, implying several quantitative and qualitative criteria and combining AHP method and Shannon?s entropy probability method. At first, we use AHP method to calculate all criteria weights for the various hierarchical levels as well as alternatives weights.According to the obtained results, we rank the types of water according to four experts. However, the data supplied by the experts are contradictory. We should then combine these results according to experts' importance. Therefore,we used the Shannon's entropy inorder to determine the importance degree of each expert, which are useful to aggregate results. The proposed approach showed that well water is selected as the best for irrigation. The re-use of handled wastewater is classified in the second rank followed by the desalination of the brackish water and later by the desalination of the seawater.


Olive trees irrigation, Multicriteria decision aid, multi-expert, AHP, Incertitude, Shannon's Entropy

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Wiem Daoud Ben Amor, Hela Moalla Frikha, (2018), HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURING FOR OLIVE TREES IRRIGATION PROBLEM IN TUNISIA, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (13), pp. 29-55

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