For Reviewers


The manuscripts submitted are subjects to the following evaluation procedure:

  1. The Editorial Board evaluates whether the manuscipt meets the thematic and formal requirements of MCDM papers.
  2. Two independent and anonymous reviewers prepare their recommendations according to the following roules:
    • authors and reviewers do not know each other (double-blind review process),
    • the review is written based on the MCDM reviewer report template: MCDM_referee_report.doc,
    • the following aspects of manuscript are evaluated: originality of the paper, theoretical part of the paper, methodological rigor of the paper, relevance of empirical results, overall contribution to knowledge, quality of writing, tables, figures,
    • the following recommendation about evaluated article may be given: accept; accept with minor revisions; accept with major revisions, and reject,
    • the review is considered to be positive if the manuscript was not recommended to be rejected.
  3. The manuscript is accepted for publication if both recommendations are positive.
  4. If required, the manuscipt may be send to third reviewer, to confirm or reject major critic or concerns stated in revious sent by two standard reviewers.
  5. The Editorial Board decides on including the manuscipt in the forthcoming volume of MCDM journal.