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Şeyda Gür, Mustafa Hamurcu, Tamer Eren


Academic conferences are platforms established by scientists to provide broad access to their research. For this reason, it is important to have influential researchers presenting plenary talks and for the scientific community in that field to submit their work. Various organizations and academic institutions organize hundreds of academic conferences a year. Academics have to select conferences to attend, since it is not possible to participate in every conference. Conference selection takes into account such factors as: the registration fee, subject of the conference and its appropriateness, conference language and the deadline for submission. We consider the specific criteria that academics use to choose conferences and effective decision-making in this field. In this study, we use an approach based on analytic network processes (ANPs) to appropriately choose a conference based on multiple criteria.


Analytic Network Process (ANP), multicriteria decision making, selection of an academic conference.

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Şeyda Gür, Mustafa Hamurcu, Tamer Eren, (2016), SELECTION OF ACADEMIC CONFERENCES BASED ON ANALYTICAL NETWORK PROCESSES, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (11), pp. 51-62

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