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Andrzej Kobryń


Modelling of a decision-maker's preferences in multi-criteria decision analysis is performed using weights that reflect the relative importance of the given decision criteria. The determination of accurate values of the weights is therefore of considerable importance. Numerous means and methods are used for this purpose, such as: the entropy method (i.e., the method of objective weights), the Simos method, the SWARA method, the ANP or AHP methods, and many others. This paper analyses the DEMATEL method, frequently used to identify cause-and-effect relationships. Nowadays, it is often used in multi-criteria decision analyses. In the opinion of some authors, DEMATEL may be useful also to determine the weights of criteria. However, the approach presented by these authors has certain drawbacks. The present paper proposes a different approach to the weighting procedure using DEMATEL. Using numerical examples, it also presents weights determined by this method and compared to those obtained using the AHP method.


DEMATEL method, multi-criteria decision analysis, weights of criteria

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Andrzej Kobryń, (2017), DEMATEL AS A WEIGHTING METHOD IN MULTI-CRITERIA DECISION ANALYSIS, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (12), pp. 153-167

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