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Lanndon A. Ocampo, Eppie E. Clark


Evaluation of programs initiated by manufacturing firms that are geared toward sustainability is worthy of attention in research due to the current global demands of addressing not just economic growth but environmental and social burdens. This paper attempts to provide a comprehensive evaluation framework using the hierarchical structure of sustainable manufacturing (SM) indicators set developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (US NIST) and a multi-criteria decisionmaking (MCDM) approach, the analytic network process (ANP). ANP is deemed appropriate, aside from the multi-criteria nature of the problem, because of the presence of subjective components that are interrelating in complex relationships. A real case study is carried out in a semiconductor manufacturing firm in the Philippines in the evaluation of its programs toward sustainability. The results show that the creation and implementation of cleaner production technologies are considered the most relevant programs. Developing energy-efficient products and adopting lean six sigma programs are considered second on the list. This paper proposes that sustainability is achieved by formulating strategies that enhance customer and community well-being via addressing environmental concerns especially on toxic substance, greenhouse gas (GHG) and air emissions. The contribution of this paper consists in providing an evaluation framework which is comprehensive enough to capture real-life complex decision-making processes. Limitations and possibilities for future research are also presented in this paper.


Multi-criteria decision-making, sustainable manufacturing, sustainability, analytic network process

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Lanndon A. Ocampo, Eppie E. Clark, (2015), A COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION OF SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING PROGRAMS USING ANALYTIC NETWORK PROCESS (ANP), Multiple Criteria Decision Making (9), pp. 101-122

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