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Małgorzata Trzaskalik-Wyrwa, Ireneusz Wyrwa


The construction of a pipe organ is a heterogeneous problem. Each interior, for which the instrument is planned, has its individual architectural and acoustic characteristics. The design of the instrument must be matched to the interior and therefore it will be individual and usually unique. Each investor commissioning a pipe organ also has his/her individual taste, preferences, and budget. These most important factors make the construction of a pipe organ a sum of the various relationships and a result of the willingness to compromise between objective factors and preferences of people. This paper presents the issue as a multiobjective task, in which we consider various criteria, such as size, volume, palette of timbres, etc., and show how the various options are presented to the investor. Will the best designers' solution be accepted by the investor and his/her budget? We should handle the various criteria so as to satisfy the investor without compromising the quality of the instrument.


pipe organ construction, pipe organ sound project, multicriteria decision problem

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Małgorzata Trzaskalik-Wyrwa, Ireneusz Wyrwa, (2015), MULTICRITERIA EVALUATION OF PIPE ORGAN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (9), pp. 140-150

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