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The target costing approach in multi-criteria project bidding

Tomasz Błaszczyk


Trade-off between several conflict gals is a typical multi-criteria decision making (DM) problem. It appears in the majority of real-life DM situations, including bid preparation. In such situations the process of preparing the best bids and obtaining contracts belongs mainly to the project performers who are oriented towards the external costumers. In the paper The Target Costing Approach in Multi-Criteria Project Bidding (T. Błaszczyk) a synthesis of two well known methodologies: target costing (up to now used in new product development planning) and goal programming is proposed. The proposed method is intended in particular as an aid for individual decision makers participating in the competitive bidding process.

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Tomasz Błaszczyk, (2006), The target costing approach in multi-criteria project bidding, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (1), pp. 15-28

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