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In this issue (20 articles):

1 The target costing approach in multi-criteria project bidding
Tomasz Błaszczyk
2 Goal programming with linear fractional criteria: an application to a forest problem
Rafael Caballero, Trinidad Gómez, Mónica Hernández, María Amparo León
3 Effective heuristics vs. GP solutions for shift duties generation
Sydney CK Chu, Christina SY Yuen
4 Multicriteria decision aid under uncertainty
Cezary Dominiak
5 Multiple criteria supplier selection network model
Petr Fiala
6 A slack based model for measuring super-efficiency in data envelopment analysis
Josef Jablonsky
7 Bicriterial robust approach in project management
Dorota Kuchta
8 Measuring eco-efficiency in a Leontief input-output model
Mikulaą Luptáčik, Boehm Bernhard
9 IND-NIMBUS for demanding interactive multiobjective optimization
Kaisa Miettinen
10 Graphical risk allocation model in construction contracts for changes in market prices
Sigitas Mitkus
11 An interactive procedure for project selection
Maciej Nowak
12 Equity, fairness and multicriteria optimization
Włodzimierz Ogryczak
13 Duality in fuzzy multiple objective linear programming with possibility and necessity relations
Jaroslav Ramík
14 Impossibility of strategy-proofness with coalition formation under transferable utility
Jaideep Roy, Honorata Sosnowska
15 A model for evaluating the investment in the construction of dwelling houses based on multiple criteria decision synthesis model
Edita ©arkiene, Vaidotas ©arka, Leonas Ustinovichius
16 Developments in multi-attribute portfolio selection
Ralph Steuer, Yue Qi, Markus Hirschberger
17 Triangular norms in discrete dynamic programming
Tadeusz Trzaskalik, Sebastian Sitarz
18 Application of multicriteria analysis to restoration of historical portable organ
Małgorzata Trzaskalik-Wyrwa, Maciej Nowak, Tadeusz Trzaskalik
19 Classification of real alternatives and its application to the investment risk in construction
Leonas Ustinovichius, Galina ©evčenko, Dmitry Kochin
20 Application of multiple attribute stochastic dominance to selection of negotiation strategies in e-negotiations
Tomasz Wachowicz