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IND-NIMBUS for demanding interactive multiobjective optimization

Kaisa Miettinen


In the paper IND-NIMBUS for Demanding Interactive Multiobjective Optimization (K. Miettinen) a new software package for solving demanding multi-objective optimization problems, named IN_NIMBUS, is introduced. Its main features and principles are described. The software package in question can be connection to different modeling and simulation tools and therefore it can be used to solve nonlinear, even non-convex problems, where the function evaluations require the solution of some underlying system, for example, a system of partial differential equations. In addition, the underlying interactive multi-objective optimization method NIMBUS and, in particular, its synchronous version are described.

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Kaisa Miettinen, (2006), IND-NIMBUS for demanding interactive multiobjective optimization, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (1), pp. 137-150

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