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An application of interactive multiple criteria technic in labor planning

Maciej Nowak


The aim of each production or service system is to deliver final products or services in right quantities, on time and at appropriate cost. Decisions affecting such system are usually grouped in three categories: strategic, tactical, and operational. While the strategic planning decisions are mostly focused on the development of resources satisfying the external requirements, the tactical ones are concerned with the utilization of these resources. Finally, the operational decisions deal with day-to-day operational and scheduling problems and require disaggregation of the information generated on higher levels. Labor planning, considered in this paper, is concerned with determining staffing policies that deal with employment stability and work schedules. A staffing plan is a managerial statement of time-phased staff sizes and labor-related capacities, which takes into consideration customers' requirements and machine-limited capacities. Such plan has to balance conflicting objectives involving customer service, work-force stability, cost, and profit. In the paper, a multicriteria decision aiding procedure is proposed for labor planning problems. Simulation technique is employed for evaluating decision alternatives with respect to criteria. Demand forecasts and calendar constraints are taken into account in the simulation model. Uncertainties related to employees' accessibility are also considered. In the second phase, an interactive multiple criteria procedure is used for selecting the final solution of the problem. A numerical example is presented to illustrate the applicability of the proposed technique.


labor planning, simulation, multiple criteria

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Maciej Nowak, (2008), An application of interactive multiple criteria technic in labor planning, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (3), pp. 135-154

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