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In this issue (16 articles):

1 Multiple criteria decision making in frozen decision processes
Marek Chmielewski, Ignacy Kaliszewski
2 Multiobjective combinatorial auctions
Petr Fiala
3 Multicriteria decision aiding in ordering projects co-financed by the European Union structural funds
Dorota Górecka
4 A spreadsheet based system for DEA models
Josef Jablonsky
5 IZAR - the concept of universal multicriteria decision support system
Jana Kalcevova, Petr Fiala
6 On stability of educational rankings
Grzegorz Koloch, Tomasz Kuszewski, Tomasz Szapiro
7 Computer-based support of multicriteria cooperative decisions - some problems and ideas
Lech Kruś
8 Affinity set and its applications
Moussa Larbani, Yuh-Wen Chen
9 An application of interactive multiple criteria technic in labor planning
Maciej Nowak
10 Reference point method with lexicographic min-ordering of individual achievements
Włodzimierz Ogryczak
11 Representing partial information on preferences with the help of linear transformation of objective space
Dmitry Podkopaev
12 Fuzzy multiobjective methods in multistage decision problems
Jaroslav Ramík, Jana Hanclova, Tadeusz Trzaskalik, Sebastian Sitarz
13 Multiple criteria vector testing results evaluation model
Igor Rudynsky, E.M. Askerov, M.A. Emelin
14 Metrics in the compromise hypersphere method
Sebastian Sitarz
15 Negotiation and arbitration support with analytic hierarchical process
Tomasz Wachowicz
16 Decision making problem with two incomparable criteria ? solution based on game theory
Maciej Wolny